Creative Applications for Glow Chain this Halloween

With the air getting colder and the days getting shorter, it’s clear that the fall season is rapidly approaching. Of course, the beginning of fall also coincides with the Halloween season and all the festivities associated. One of the best aspects of Halloween is that it allows any participant free range of creativity. You dress up any way you desire and be practically anyone you want. It’s a holiday where you decorate your house with spider webs and hideous creatures and whoever looks the most gruesome has the best outfit. It is in this spirit that we introduce the creative mind to a new and versatile tool that is perfect for the Halloween season – plastic glow chain.

Gloe Chain

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Photoluminescent, or glow in the dark, plastic chain is sold in three sizes and several different lengths. It gives off enough light to illuminate a dark walkway, ideal for guiding trick-or-treaters down a sidewalk or driveway, accenting a front yard Halloween display, or as a queue for visitors at a haunted house or hayride. The chain glows a soft green color that, paired with the right décor of skeletons, bats, and ghosts, gives off an eerie light.

Glow chain would give public haunted attractions the luxury of safe lighting for their guests without sacrificing the spooky atmosphere. With a full solar charge, this chain will radiate for eight full hours. Glow chain can also be charged by artificial light and works great indoors. Whether lining a dark outdoor walkway or as part of a haunted indoor display, plastic glow chain is the solution.

These are just a few uses for this multifaceted product. Other uses include using glow chain as part of a Halloween costume for a ghost or a ghoul, creating a glowing fence for so a garden can be viewed at night, or even creating chain bracelets and necklaces for glow in the dark jewelry at a sleepover. There seem to be an unlimited number of uses for this product and we would love to hear your ideas. Click here to submit your “Use For Glow Chain” suggestions and pictures and we will feature the most creative and unique ideas on our website.

Halloween is certainly the season for creative ideas, and plastic glow chain is the perfect companion to creativity. Whether using it for safety, decoration, fashion, or any number of uses you may think of, glow chain is a very handy tool. Glow chain has so many potential applications for Halloween, it’s almost scary.

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